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Socially distanced Halloween event in Reepham raises £300 for Sade Lumi Education

Coronavirus is changing a lot of things in our lives. 31st of October would normally see, in some countries, herds of children and adults, dressed up in fun or scary costumes, going out trick or treating. It's safe to say in 2020 the streets were empty and Halloween decorations were few and far between.

However in one small English town named Reepham, with the backing of the local police and Reepham Town Council, entertainer Graham Andrew from found a way to keep the tradition going. Graham has organised a communnity event called 'The Trick or Treat Trail' for 5 years. Signed up families are expected at chosen houses, all differently decorated around the Halloween theme. In normal times, the participants would play games outside each house before being rewarded with treats and prizes.

This time Graham found a way to go ahead with the trail, whilst keeping to all the social distancing rules. On the trail children would play games such as guessing a witches favourite colour, while the witch stayed safely inside her house and only answered by lifting up signs, saying YES or No.

At other stops the children were quizzed to find out: how many pumpkings there were, to complete a spooky word search and to name all items at the '12 days of Halloween' house.

This year children received bundles of goodies at the very end of the trail, where Graham was waiting to see them in his Beetlejuice-inspired costume. For many families in Reepham, this Halloween event with a different approach, has become a yearly tradition and the fact it was able to go ahead, despite the coronavirus restrictions, was a huge relief to them.

'The Trick or Treat Trail 2020' saw a record number of children taking part, 80 in total with their families walking the 1 mile trail. Each child paid an entrance fee and some local business owners generously donated various amounts to support the event.

Graham, each year has been choosing a different cause or charity to support through The Trick or Treat Trail. This year Sade Lumi Education was chosen and we are very thankful for the £300 raised.

Graham is already getting props and prizes ready for next years event and we have our fingers crossed that by then, things would have gone back to normal.

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