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New name. New beginnings.

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Last few weeks were very busy. So many exciting plans ahead!

Firstly, we decided to change our name as so many of you didn't understand what Sade Lumi meant and couldn't remember it easily. We did a big research and came up with a shorter and more specific version.


Lumi - light-bringer, light of life, light which is brought to the children in Neno district in Malawi. We love this name very much as it is so positive and gives hope and life.

Education - more specific description of what we do and what we are so passionate about.

We also added a strong tagline for better explanation of who and where we would love to help.

Lotus flower - national flower of Malawi, with an icon of a woman - symbol of purity, strength, resilience and rebirth in its national colors stays the same as it is just perfect.

We hope you like it as we do and we wish our new name the best of luck ❤️🤩

PS: Give us some love, like us on FB and Instagram, share us within your community and friends, subscribe to our newsletter. The kids in Malawi need our help.

Stay tuned for more updates (we are in process to become a part of a National reading program in Malawi; we are collecting books to help to set up a library in local primary school; we are planning a writing competition; we are in process of buying the land and much more. YEAY)

Lumi Education team


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