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Meet the team: Renata

Updated: May 3, 2021

Renata is our trustee and the fundraising and communications director. She has accumulated a wealth of various national and international experiences with NGO’s. Renata has always had a passion for supporting others and feels strongly about the power of education and the need to combat gender inequality.

Renata graduated in Bsc Psychology with Criminology in 2018, and after discovering her passion to help others, the environment and bettering local communities, she decided to study MA International Development. This was key in further developing her desire to work in the third sector, and her ambition to further understand the impact of gender inequality was expressed through her dissertation that investigated female genital mutilation in the UK.

‘Being a part of Sade Lumi Education is not only an exciting project, but an honour as the goal includes combining two very important issues close to my heart; education and gender inequality.

After some invaluable volunteering experiences, I have observed at first-hand the life-changing effects that education can have. I volunteered as a teacher’s assistant in Guatemala for the Education for the Children Foundation School, which was the first of its kind in the area to provide completely free education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. It was very exciting to witness the positive changes and to see girls graduating school and attending university at an increased rate, especially when considering other risk factors that are a barrier to achieving this.

Renata at the EFTC School, Guatemala.

I have also recently completed a six-month volunteering placement in rural Romania as an up-cycling education manager. It felt a privilege to be given the opportunity to teach about the environment, sustainability to some of our younger generation who are our future. Additionally, I have volunteered as a Fundraising Assistant for Nottinghamshire Hospice which was an exceptional learning experience.

Renata teaching in Székelykeresztur, Romania

As a feminist, learning about the lack of access to an education for children, especially girls, in Malawi was shocking and saddening. Furthermore, due to COVID-19, there has been exponential increase in rates of child and teenage pregnancies, further preventing girls from receiving an education, and so I feel dedicated towards helping provide an opportunity for those that do not receive one. I am thrilled to be a part of the Sade Lumi team, learning how to best help support the local communities that will surround our future school in Neno, Malawi. '

Renata is currently working for a non-profit as an organic market gardener, also leading on volunteering sessions to promote a re-connection to our Earth and people's independence in growing their own food. She is looking forward to further supporting Sade Lumi in her free time.

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