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Meet the Team: Ben

Ben is our treasurer who will oversee the finances of the organisation. Ben is currently studying his second degree, BSc Mathematics. He is an accomplished, hard-working and organised individual which makes him the perfect trustee to manage and regulate all accounts and finances. He will also be completing his industry work placement next year, thus will have even more relevant experience to apply to this role as a trustee, both in business and financial strategy.

Ben helping Teele during Sade Lumi's first fundraising event.

In addition, having accumulated several years of experience in the service industry, Ben is a sociable person with exceptional interpersonal skills. This includes working as a supervisor in restaurants and hotels and living and working abroad in Spain as a sailing instructor for families (including Louis Theroux!).

‘Although this is my first endeavour in charity work, I am looking forward to being part of such a not only fantastic, but necessary goal. I believe the improvement of global relations between countries is paramount and it is our duty to contribute towards this. I am excited about becoming involved with diplomatic, cooperative solutions, which I have some practice in. As a feminist, I am greatly looking forward to learning more about the people in Neno and supporting the project in any way I can.’

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