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How Norwich dancers helped Malawi girls with their moves

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Yes, the heat under the studio lights felt like the heat in Africa, but in reality, the young Norwich dancers from the Central School of Dancing & Performing Arts were more than 7000 miles away, while raising money for the Sade Lumi Education school project with their beautiful dance moves.

Behind the scenes photo by Lesley van Dijk

Capture the Move photoshoot event organised by Teele Photography set out to make a great photoshoot experience for dancers, while also donating at least 50% of the profits to help raise the money to buy the land for the school, that Sade Lumi Education is planning to build in Neno, Malawi.

Behind the scenes photo by Lesley van Dijk of Fern Carpenter

"When Teele told us about the charity, we knew we had to get involved. The students are so excited about the photoshoot. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for them to have some fantastic dance shots, and also such a worthwhile cause, to be able to help the future of children in Malawi." said Fern Carpenter, one of the principals from Central School of Dancing and Performing Arts.

You can find out more info about the dance school here:

Behind the scenes photo by Lesley van Dijk

"We have 14 students from the Central School of Dancing & Performing Arts involved, from age 8 - 18. Keely and Lauren, our Head Girls, and Tim are all leaving for vocational training at Performers College and Wilkes Academy. This is the perfect way for them to capture the end of their time at Central." explained Fern Carpenter.

Photo by Teele Photograpy

Epic Studios in Norwich very kindly donated the use of the studio for this event for 2 days. Without their help, it would have been hard to raise any significant amount of money.

Capture the Move event has already raised £552.50 for the school project and the figure is only going up, as extra photo orders are still coming in.

Look out for the full gallery of dance photos and dance video coming out in early October as well as for the final figure raised by the dancers.

Behind the scenes photos by Lesley van Dijk:

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