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Clanford from Malawi, our trustee.

A man with a big heart and endless positive energy, equipped with many skills, directly from Malawi - Clanford Chirwa, Lumi Education co-founder.

Clanford has spent all his life helping communities in many areas and made a massive impact doing that. As a Community Development Practitioner with a 12 years' experience in community projects work, he is irreplaceable. His experience is centered around development, management and implementation of Rural Sustainable Livelihoods, Food & Nutrition Security Projects (FNSPs) as well as education projects targeting vulnerable households and marginalized groups, including the youth, children, pregnant and lactating women or those infected with HIV/AIDS.

He has worked with Save the Children since 2004 in child-centered projects, has a passion for community work and is very conversant with relevant government structures. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Community Development, as well as a diploma in Early Childhood Development Education.

We are very lucky to have him!

Have a wonderful day,

Lumi Education team

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