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This is us

Lumi Education is a new organisation made up of passionate people who believe that educating girls will have a big impact on making our world a better place. 

We are a registered charity with the UK Charity Commission and working on expanding a list of people who would love to join our teams of volunteers, sponsors and partners in the UK and Malawi. 


Lumi Education is run by a team of volunteer trustees:

Teele Dunkley, Michaela Pavlovicova, Clanford Chirwa, Radek Vik,

and a great team of volunteers in Malawi led by Clanford Chirwa and Dalitso Nkhwazi.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Education in Malawi

Malawi is ranked as one of the lowest countries in the world for educational standards, with a huge lack of accessibility for many due to economic, geographical, and cultural factors. 

Secondary education is not free, leaving many teenage girls from poor families only with primary education.

Between 2008 and 2020, five million children entered primary school, however only 400,000 made it to secondary schools, and about 17,000 to higher education.

The total number of secondary schools in Malawi is 1,400, to which children from 6,000 primary schools have to compete for selection. These numbers have been similar since 1994. In 1994 Malawi’s population was 9 million. By 2020, the population has risen to 19 million, and the same infrastructure is expected to serve the country, with the number of students that has more than doubled.

Many students, even if selected, are unable to continue, due to not being able to pay the fees, teenage pregnancies and vast distances to reach the schools.

Education in Malawi

Our Mission

Lumi Education objective is the advancement of education in Malawi through creating Sade Lumi International School -  a free boarding secondary school providing formal education to young girls and women, including teenage girls with pregnancies and young babies, to help to relieve the pregnancy-related drop out from education. 

We aim to provide an educational environment where each student can develop and fulfil her potential, building their knowledge as well as self-confidence, including skills and desire to contribute to bettering their own communities. 

Image by Annie Spratt
Our Mission
Image by Markus Spiske

What we plan to do

  • Fundraise and plan an environmentally friendly secondary school and nursery school with solar energy and sustainable water and waste management solutions in Neno District in Malawi. 

  •  Run a school farm that provides sustainable healthy meals for all school staff and students.

  • Organise busses for school transport.

  • Offer great quality free secondary school for teenage girls from families who cannot afford payed secondary education for their children. 

  • Offer school spaces for teenage girls who are pregnant or have young babies or toddlers so they can continue with their education.

  • Provide good quality teacher accommodation at school so that the rural location of the school would not be a barrier for best teachers. 

  • Link up the school with resources and teachers from all over the world through online learning resources and video lessons. 

  • Work closely with the local community so the benefits of this project reach outside of the schools walls and make a lasting change in the area. 

Lumi International School building project

Image by Irina Iriser

We Need Your Support !

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